Altered Books: Spell Books

If your like me, you love to see all the cool things people do with old books, but at the same time your sad, because the books are then ruined and can’t be read anymore.  However, in thinking it through, I feel it’s ok if the book is damaged beyond repair.  Actually for the ones that just use book pages, you could in fact make copies of them, to use in the craft project.  In the case of the book I’m going to show you, it was an extremely out of date text-book with a stain on the cover.  So I decided to make it into a Halloween decoration. I know, I know Halloween is still a couple of months off, garage sales and flea markets, however are going on now, and those are perfect places to get yourself some out of date or damaged books.  Or you could in fact use card board and blank pages to make it a little better and be able to be opened.  Let’s get started.

20131025_134621 To make this version you will need the following supplies

1. an old book

2. tissue paper (white or any color you may have on hand)

3. mod podge

4. craft paints black and gold or copper

5. push pins with the flat tops

6. small plastic skeleton and bat toys ( I got mine at Wall Mart last Halloween)

7. brushes or sponge brushes to apply mod podge and paint

8.letter stickers in color of your choice; I used gold

9. hot glue


Before getting started, make sure to brush any dust or dirt off the book, crumple up the tissue paper and then smooth back out. (Pictures Below)


Step 1: cut the wings off the bat, hot glue them either to the skeleton or directly on the book

Step 2: place the skeleton carefully within the wings and hot glue it to the book

Step 3: spread the crumpled tissue paper over the book and skeleton, making sure it wraps around the spine

Step 4:  spread the mod podge over the tissue paper, make sure you get into the dents around the spine and into all the nooks of the skeleton (allow to dry for a bit)

Step 5: mod podge more tissue paper to the back of the book

Step 6: hammer a push-pin into each of the corners of the book

Step 7: paint both sides and the spine black (allow to dry)

Step 8: using the gold paint and a dry bristle brush start lightly brushing over the skeleton, push pins and a crinkled pieces of the paper

Step 9: apply the letter stickers to the spine of the book ( mine just says Spells but you can put whatever you want)

20131025_150141 20131025_130304 20131025_111352




















20131025_145534 To make this one you will need the following supplies

1. an old book

2. tacky or Elmers glue

3. a plastic spider

4. paints black and copper

5. brushes to paint with

6. letter stickers in your choice of color (again I used gold)



Before getting started make sure to brush of any dust or dirt from the book.

Step 1: using the glue make a spider web pattern (covering the entire cover of the book)

Step 2: put a fairly good size dollop of glue in the center

Step 3: push the spider into the dollop of glue

Step 4: allow the glue to dry (it needs to be hardened for the next step)

Step 5: paint the entire book black, using care to make sure all the glue and spider is covered (allow to dry)

Step 6: apply the letter stickers to the spine (mine says potions)

Step 7: (optional) using a dry brush slightly brush some of the raised areas to highlight the spider or web.



There you have to easy altered book craft projects, that look cool stacked up on a table or bookcase for a creepy haunted Halloween display.  I made several so I could have a good-sized stack.  What about you, have you ever altered a book? Would you?


Thanks for Stopping by, as always comments, suggestions and thoughts are always welcomed.




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