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For The Love Of Reading

After reading tons and  tons of other book blogs I decided it was past time I created my own.  Join me as I share my reviews and ramblings about all things books. While I am not a professional book reviewer, I am always asked to recommend books. Writing in this format will allow many people to join in as we journey through the pages.

You may be wondering what exactly is Stain On The Page? Well, Mostly it is my quirky name for the bookstore, that I have always wanted to open. I like shops with quirky names, it makes shopping extra fun. How did I get the name? Not surprisingly it’s a store in a book I read. But more.. to me it symbolizes the ink on the pages of a book, the marks children make as they learn to write, paint on an artist’s canvas, an image burned into paper. After all these things are only stains on a page. It is only our interpretation of them that gives them meaning and truth.

P.S  If you would like to know more about the author behind this blog visit the about Helois page.


6 thoughts on “About Stain On The Page

  1. Hello, dearest Helios, I hope you are well.

    I couldn’t decide whether to post here or on your ‘About Helios’ page, so in the end I made myself a cup of tea and waited for it to cool down so I could read the tea leaves like my nan used to do.

    I’m an author and I was wondering – nay, hoping – if you would be interested in reviewing my latest book. It’s called Saying Goodbye to Warsaw and is set in the Warsaw Ghetto. It’s a tale of struggle and survival, and the strength of the human spirit during humanities darkest hour – the Holocaust.

    If you have an ereader then I can simply email the book file to you, otherwise I’m perfectly happy to pop a paperback copy in the post for you.

    You can see the cover image and the blurb of the book on my site.

  2. Darklittle says:

    Hi 🙂 We nominated you for the Liebster Award! We hope you’ll accept it. Here’s our post: http://allthatmagic.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/liebster-award/

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