Thanks for stopping by my book review blog.  Since this is my first post I am going to explain how I am hoping things will work around here. Thus far my plan is to post twice a week, most likely on Tuesday and Friday’s.  Every so often an extra post may pop up if  I have something interesting to share with you.  This is after all a book review blog so, I will be posting reviews of books that I am reading, these could be new releases or old favorites and of every genre (I never met a book I didn’t read).  Truthfully I am not sure where this blog is going but I love books and hope to share that with other book lovers, and improve my writing skills while doing so.  There may be times I post photo’s or quotes of or about books.   One more thing to let you know,  I have 3 reviews ready to go, “The Book Thief”, “The Kingmaker’s Daughter” and “City of Bones” starting Friday they will be going up.  I can’t wait to hopefully hear feedback from those who have or who want to read them.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 See you soon,



I am not a professional book reviewer and the books I review I have purchased or borrowed, if that changes I will let you know.  All reviews are my own opinion unless otherwise noted.